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Renovate Service For Your Office

Service Included in Office Renovation

Resident Management & Operations and Maintenance Staff:

Operations & Maintenance including the functions, duties and labor associated with the daily operations as well as normal repairs, replacement of required parts, and structural maintenance of the facilities which will ensure that an asset so that it continues to provide acceptable services and achieves its expected life. SPS provides the staff required as well as ensure that the facility is complying with the regulations.

Building Management Systems:

SPS offers complete Building Management services including from monitoring the facility for any operational aspects whether be it electrical or ventilation, all the way up to ensuring maximum output of the operations itself.


Mechanical, Electrical:

Maintaining the mechanical and electrical aspects of any location is not a small task. SPS Specialized services ensures that the facility is performing to the desired levels of output based on ensuring that the mechanical, electrical, ventilation, lighting, and other aspects of the facility are being properly maintained.

Building Envelope:

Whether be it a detached house, condo, or a town, SPS ensures that the envelop services are being provided to all the locations with 100% satisfaction of the customer.

Preventive Maintenance:

SPS believes that preventive maintenance can decrease your overall maintenance cost upto 40% per year. This is a huge number given that if the maintenance is not done timely and with the correct resources, the facility will not only have downtime, but it will also impact all the businesses or residential units based on that facility. SPS’s skilled resources ensures that you will not face this disaster.

Utilities Management:

SPS keeps track of and maintains the utilities in the facility under our surveillance. We ensure that the facility is optimizing its utilities to the optimum level and is complacent with the overall strategy, workability and facility operations.

Health and Safety:

On the core of SPS services, we ensure that all of our resources are 100% compliant with the health and safety regulations and rules of the facility, the local governing bodies, and industrial standards.


SPS ensures that the building is secure by means of proper monitoring systems in place as fire alarms, and proper security systems working properly in the facility. and all this systems working as they should through the proper upkeep that this systems require.

Janitorial services:

Along with the maintenance and operational efficiencies of the location, SPS also provides Janitorial Services. Our extended services include dedicated Janitors who will be assigned to the location based on how much frequent the services are required.

Handiman services:

SPS provides on and off handyman services which can include anything from non-technical appliances installation to cleaning the unit. All of the items included in the handyman services which does not require any specialized licensing requirements are taken care of under this wing.

Hazardous Material Removal & Renovations throughout Toronto:

Removing Hazardous Materials is a serious task. Our team is Trained and Experienced in dealing with multiple hazardous material including Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 Asbestos Abatement, Lead Abatement, and Mold Abatement. Removing these materials is a serious and sometimes life-saving task, and should not be attempted without proper professional training.


SPS provides dedicated and highly skilled resources who can work right away on the renovations requirements. Whether be it in your kitchen, basement, bathroom or you simply want to get the living room renovated and rejuvenated. You can count on SPS professional services.

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