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About Us

We Started in 2012 working in the demolition and home renovation industry working in the union environment where we did all type of projects from attics vermiculite removal and cleanup, basement mold remediations, to building’s interior teardowns doing hazardous material removals type 3 asbestos containments and then doing new construction of office space, framing and drywalling and plastering until we primer the space for new occupancy.

As we work in this industry, we moved to facility maintenance management as we realized that Building Owners and managers are the people who we want as our clients. We started working with some of the biggest management companies in the industry where we got training and experience from the best professionals in the industry. And since our humble beginnings we strive to provide a more convenient option for property owners and managers when they need to upkeep their properties.

“SPS Specialized believes all of our employees are part of one big happy family. After all the work is taken care of, we ensure our employees are happy and content. Here is an image of company organized event showing some of our leading specialists.”

We possess the skills to improve any property maintenance and have them meet the best standards in the industry with the care that only an owner would put into it. So let us help with any of your facility maintenance needs.

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