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Upkeeping of the residential buildings and the units whether they would be owned or rented. SPS can help you with the complete maintenance solution

Maintenance of offices, shared spaces, and the common areas. We maintain and manage the complete office operations so that you can consume your time in achieving greater heights on your core business.

The maintenance and operations of HealthCare systems involve dedicated and specialized resources. SPS can help you with the complete maintenance of the facility to ensure it is operating in its optimum levels.

Government builds, offices, and the shared/ common spaces needs to be constantly maintained and looked after. SPS ensures that the operations of the building does not get disrupt due to any building operations.

SPS has specialized team of resources who can work on any length of industrial units to ensure that the units are operating without any issues.

Institutes like Schools, Daycare facilities, Old Age Homes and such require a dedicated and specialized team of workers to ensure that the facility is properly maintained, operating at the maximum levels and ensuring that there is no blockage of the facility. SPS provides all of these items under single roof.

You name it, SPS provides the services for that facility. As long as we have the complete insight of what is required, SPS Specialized Services can help you get the maximum out of the facility management.

Every work we do with full of love

Every work we do with full of love

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

What Customers Say


I was very lucky when I found Fredy to help us when our popcorn ceiling split in our home containing vermiculite. This meant the removal of the entire ceiling as well as the vermiculite. What a mess it could have been. Fredy complied with all environmental regulations, kept the area as neat as possible and worked diligently and as quickly as possible. I would recommend him to anyone in the same situation. I am sure any work he does would be impeccable.

Nick and Sue Mills.
Ceiling and vermiculite removal

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